Letters to the Editor – from Andrew Maddex

To the Editor:

Why have five elm trees been vandilized?

I take great pleasure in walking the west side of Main Street. I take great joy in the trees along the boulevard. I must point out that these trees belong to the taxpayers of Slave Lake. We paid for them and they are ours.

So, who perpetrated a gross act of vandalism on five of our elm trees by the town office? Upon investigation, it seems this act was carried out by town employees at the behest of a foreman. Not only did this so-called pruning pretty much destroy our trees, but was done at a legally questionable time.

There are laws in Alberta regarding the pruning and care of elm trees.
Disregarding these rules can result in severe penalties.

I must reiterate that these trees probably will have a hard time surviving.
So, my question now is why are the people of Slave Lake providing a pay cheque for someone with so little regard for the citizens of Slave Lake, that they would vandalize and destroy public property, our property, worth approximately $24,000?

Andrew Maddex
Slave Lake, AB

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