Letters to the Editor – from Arnold Viersen

Will Trudeau listen to Parliament on the carbon tax?

To the Editor

After eight years, Justin Trudeau is no longer listening to Canadians or provincial premiers. The Prime Minister recently admitted that the last time he met with premiers about the carbon tax was in 2016! Since then, the carbon tax has been wreaking havoc on the finances of Canadians and our economy.

That is why on April 10, Conservatives put forward a motion that directs the Prime Minister to publicly meet with the premiers regarding the Carbon Tax within five weeks.

In a rare moment of unity, all opposition parties supported the motion and Parliament sent a clear message to the Prime Minister: Listen to 70 per cent of Canadians and 70 per cent of provincial premiers who oppose a carbon tax. The big question that remains is, will Prime Minister Trudeau respect Parliament and meet with the Premiers?

Just this year, many food banks in our communities have seen visits increase by 30 per cent. Many of these are young families struggling to afford the cost of groceries.

The reality is that when we tax the farmer who grows the food, tax the truckers that deliver the food and tax the person who sells the food, Canadians cannot afford to buy the food.

Farmers are also struggling. Very soon, a 5,000-acre farm in Canada will be paying $150,000 a year in just in carbon taxes to run the farm. This is ridiculous.

Conservatives will not stop fighting for Canadians to axe the tax for farmers, rural families, and all Canadians.

Arnold Viersen
MP for Peace River – Westlock

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