Letters to the Editor – from Arnold Viersen

Assisted suicide for mentally ill people must be scrapped

To the Editor:

In one year, the federal government will recklessly expand access to assisted death to Canadians struggling exclusively with mental illness. By March 2024, they will have access to assisted death, even if their condition is treatable.

By doing this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to ignore warnings from Conservatives and experts that expanding assisted suicide for mental illness cannot be implemented safely and blurs the line between suicide prevention and suicide assistance.

Conservatives believe that assisted suicide should never be a solution to mental illness and psychological suffering.

The Liberal government has already mishandled assisted suicide and put vulnerable Canadians at risk. We have heard testimony how public servants have offered assisted suicide to veterans with PTSD and Canadians have applied for assisted death because they can no longer bear the cost-of-living crisis.

Conservatives oppose the expansion of assisted suicide to include mental illness and will stand on the side of those most vulnerable and their loved ones.

That is why my colleague MP Ed Fast tabled Bill C-314 to stop the government’s expansion of assisted suicide to vulnerable Canadians with mental illness.

Bill C-314 ensures that the term “grievous and irremediable medical condition” contained in Canada’s assisted suicide regime does not include mental disorders. I strongly support this bill and have added my name to it.

Conservatives will continue to defend those who are left behind by this legislation and we will never give up on anyone.

As Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre said recently: “When I am Prime Minister, we won’t treat mental health by ending people’s lives. We will offer help, hope and health.”

After eight years, Canada needs a government that cultivates a culture of life instead of a culture of death.

As your MP, I will work hard to help elect a strong Conservative government that is committed to building a country that prioritizes suicide prevention, stands up for those who are most vulnerable, and where Canadians can be certain that life is worth living.

Arnold Viersen
MP for Peace River – Westlock

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