Letters to the Editor – from Audrey Massel

Thank you to the Woodards for many years in Slave Lake

To the Editor:

I recently heard of Dennis and Lorette Woodard’s plans to leave Slave Lake.
They said “it is time” to move closer to their sons now living in Leduc. After stating these plans the next comment was very much in keeping with the character we all know as Mr. Woodard when he said “after 60 years we’ve decided we don’t like Slave Lake”- he is always looking for humour and for what is funny in every situation.

It is important to say thank you to both of them for giving most of their teaching careers to the Slave Lake students, residents and community. They are to be thanked for being huge contributors to the development of the minds and bodies of so many students and residents.

As a previous student I have fond memories of Mr. Woodward’s guidance and influence.

First are the out of town basketball games and consequent bus trips. Our physical education teacher, coach, organizer and bus driver, Mr. Woodard on one occasion lectured us on behaviour choices after a brief skirmish with the host school team where competitive spirits were heightened. On one such occasion we were about to leave the dark parking lot, all of us now feeling sheepish (after one such lecture), when our bus was pummeled with snow balls. The snow balls hitting the windshield surprised Mr. Woodward and his choice of verbal response had one student exclaim “Mr. Woodward”! However we all wore smiles on the way home feeling like he had come over to our side and was one of us for sure.

It is a sobering thought to estimate these two teachers have taught, guided and influenced more individuals than the current population of our town. So a huge thank you to both Dennis and Lorette Woodward and our wishes for the best in their new community!

Audrey Massel
Widewater, AB

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