Letters to the Editor – from Jessica Snider

How about re-opening the landfill’s take-it-or-leave-it?

To the Editor:

Do you enjoy going to the dump on a Saturday (or any day for that matter) to drop off your garbage, take a drive along the lake and browse the ‘take it or leave it’ like we do?

Let’s be honest, the take it or leave it isn’t just about saving the environment, it’s a fun thing to do because you never know what kind of treasure you’re going to get.

A hard-working, money-making town like Slave Lake is a perfect place to have a take it or leave it, but did you know that the Lesser Slave Lake waste facility has decided to close their take it or leave it and turn it into a cardboard shelter? It is so uncanny to me, to think of a country that calls ourselves ‘environment-friendly’ and ‘recyclers’ and we don’t have a place to drop off useful items for others to share.

I understand that due to COVID-19 there have been concerns about the safety of the take it or leave it but, a building that is in the sunshine and fresh air should be considered a safer place because we all understand that sunlight is a natural disinfectant.

The Slave Lake waste facility used to sort out bikes, barbecues, glass, tires, etc. for the purpose of people being able to drop off stuff to recycle and maybe pick up some things. What a great idea in a busy town like ours.

We’ve also been so thankful in our ever-growing family to be able to trade off toys that our children are finished with or clothing or other stuff to the take it or leave it and often bring home that next size of clothing or that ‘new’ toy or something else.

Now I know there are second hand stores open in this COVID-19 frenzied time and that is excellent but there’s nothing like the take it or leave it on a drive to the dump. Second hand stores or take it leave it are great things to have in a culture and can be done wisely.

Don’t even get me started on our culture of entitlement. Do we really want to raise our next generation in a culture where you only buy new? That would be horrible! Learning to be content with something that’s not new or having to be creative with something that’s not just perfect is a wonderful thing to instill in a child.

Maybe you have enjoyed the take-it-or-leave-it too but didn’t realize this decision has been made to change it from a useful recycling place that benefits the community into a cardboard shelter.

If you would like to see the take it or leave it stay open there are a few ways you can make your voice known. First, you can contact the MD of Lesser Slave River 780 – 849-4888. Or you can contact our local MLA who is Pat Rehn via email or call him and voice your concerns.

With the world in as much chaos as it is in, let’s try to remain calm and practical. It starts with the small things, so look around and make a difference.

Jessica Snider
Canyon Creek, AB

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