Letters to the Editor – from John P. Knox

To the president of the UCP LSL Constituency Association

To the Editor:

When it became public knowledge that your MLA was one of six United Conservative Party Members who not only disobeyed instructions to stay in their residence, but left the province, and even the country, for a winter vacation I was outraged. Mr. Rehn’s actions demonstrate an incredible contempt for the people of Alberta. His arrogance and sense of entitlement are proof that he lacks the good sense, judgement, integrity; and especially the sense of personal honour that every Member of the Legislative Assembly absolutely must possess.

Mr. Rehn has betrayed the trust of all Albertans who have suffered by obeying injunctions the government said are necessary to combat this disease, especially those who lost loved ones, friends, and jobs to the epidemic. What he did combined with his attitude when he returned, together with those of his five colleagues, destroyed the trust and faith that Albertans had in the United Conservative Party. His betrayal has also damaged the province of Alberta, its government, and her people, across Canada at a time when we need the support of all our fellow Canadians. Jason Kenney’s initial refusal of to hold him to account for his betrayal has only demonstrated that he too is unfit for his office and has cemented the loss of faith and trust.

I am writing to you in the hope that you will recognize the damage Mr. Rehn has done to the party and realize that merely resigning (from legislative committees) will not begin to repair the damage he caused. I ask you and the Board of Directors to recognize that more will be needed to prevent the United Conservative Party from becoming a one-term government. For the good of our province and its people, I ask you to withdraw your support for him and to join with your elected municipal officials by publicly calling on him to immediately resign as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. That may enable the party to re-establish enough credibility with Albertans so that a new United Conservative Party of Alberta candidate may be able to win the resulting byelection.

Although my roots in the Conservative Party go back to my days as a Director of the Calgary Northeast Riding Association in the early 1980s, I regret to inform you that as long as Mr. Rehn or any of his travelling colleagues remain an elected representative of the U.C.P. I can no longer in good conscience support the party in any way. While I can not bring myself to vote for the N.D.P. because their policies have immeasurably damaged our province, my wife told me she is determined to. After talking to family and friends I believe many others share our intentions. For the good of the United Conservative Party of Alberta please remove him as your elected representative. It is my hope that this will prevent the party from becoming a one-term administration.

My sincere regrets,

John P. Knox
Cochrane Alberta

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