Liberals impose ideology on Summer Jobs Program

Tom Henihan
Smoky River Express

Justin Trudeau is a great champion of diversity in matters of ethnicity, gender and superficially at least, religion. However, he steadfastly refuses to accept anything outside the precincts of his own ideological position.
In fact, Trudeau actively mobilizes against diversity of ideas or beliefs that run contrary to his, even when those beliefs are religious and moral imperatives for many Canadians.
Canadians can be ostensibly diverse as long as they are in lockstep with the Justin Trudeau creed and support his designer causes such as climate change, gender equality, ethnic diversity and abortion.
I call these designer causes not to denigrate anyone or to diminish the importance of the issues themselves, but because they fit a design that demands no real action other than Trudeau advocating on their behalf.
I also suspect that when it comes to these issues, Trudeau is playing to his fan base abroad and bolstering his progressive profile on the world stage, while at home he is running roughshod over the interests and values of Canadians whose moral code opposes his agenda.
Trudeau has attempted to use the Summer Jobs Program to impose this creed on Canadians by excluding from the program those who do not comply with his socially progressive stance.
The Summer Jobs Program is no small matter as it cuts a wide swath across a broad section of Canadian institutions; churches, summer camps, public-sector entities and non-profit organizations, and provides about 70,000 jobs in the summer months for young people and students across the country.
The government initially demanded that an organization’s core mandate must respect the right to access safe and legal abortions and the rights of gender-diverse and transgender Canadians in order to avail of the program.
It is ironic, that a Prime Minister who tirelessly, and tiresomely, lauds Canada’s diversity, at the same will not countenance any moral diversity within his own party.
The Liberal Party bans anyone who is pro-life from running for office as a Liberal and now by extension it is trying to prevent pro-life Canadians from availing of a taxpayer-funded program.
When faced with significant objection for using the taxpayer-funded program to push its ideological programme, the government tried to minimize the situation saying that it didn’t really matter what position an organization represented as long as they appeared to comply.
Employment minister, Patricia Hajdu, advised church groups and organizations to simply check the box on the online form even if that conflicted with their core values.
On most government forms, there is a stated warning that submitting false information can have legal repercussions; yet, we have the employment minister encouraging people to lie as long as that lie supports the government’s agenda.
This behaviour has authoritarian leanings and sets a dangerous precedent that no Canadian should condone, regardless of their thoughts on the conditions attached to the Summer Jobs Program.

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