Libraries get the green light, but not ready to re-open just yet

Leader staff

Libraries are able to re-open as of June 12 in the provincial government’s Phase II re-launch program. But local library lovers will have to cool their heels a bit longer. The Rotary Club of Slave Lake Library isn’t ready yet and isn’t going to rush into re-opening.

Library manager Kendra McRee says the library in Slave Lake will open, “Once we have all of the proper safety equipment and procedures in place. I do not know exactly when that date will be, as we do not yet have concrete dates from suppliers/contractors.”

For the time being, books and other materials can be borrowed. The way to do that is phone or email with your request.

“Once the materials are ready for pick-up, the library will call you to arrange a time for curbside pick-up – physical distancing and sanitization procedures (are) in place,” McRee says. “I do know that our re-opening will be limited, most likely by appointment only for a while, and no public access to the stacks.”

The situation at the libraries in Smith and Flatbush are different, due to them being in M.D.-owned buildings. It’s up to the M.D. when it wants to allow them to re-open.

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