Local couple making tiny homes for northern climate

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

For some people the thought of living in a 200 square foot home seems crazy, but for others it sounds like the home of their dreams.
Unfortunately, the majority of these humble abodes are catered to warmer climates. However, locals Jenna Curran and Knolan Kennedy are making ‘tiny homes’ built for life in northern Alberta.
“We’ve been tossing this idea around for about a year,” says Curran. “We wanted to see what our competition looked like and make sure we did research so we could do ours (tiny homes) differently.”
According to the duo, what puts Aries Cabins Ltd. on the map, as it were, is the detail put into making the tiny homes comfortable, reliable and affordable.
“The home we are working on now comes with everything – full stove, oven, compostable toilet, shower…loft bed,” says Kennedy. “We’re using it as an example to show customers what we can do.”
Curran adds, “We can also learn from it and see what we can do differently. This one will probably sell around $38,000 and comes with everything including appliances and custom-made furniture.”
This might sound like a steep price, but Curran says this price is relatively low compared to other companies.
“It all depends on what you want and what you’re going to use it for,” she says. “Our tiny homes can use solar panels so you can live off grid if you’d like. The closest company (to us) who builds them is down in Morinville and they are basically mansions on wheels that come with a much bigger price tag.”
As mentioned above, the idea behind their own building company started last year but the wheels weren’t put in motion until recently.
“We didn’t want to rush it at all,” says Curran. “We did countless hours of researching and figuring out how we could build it for northern living. Our homes use sheet metal and are fully insulated so no cold air or breeze gets in. We didn’t cut any corners for keeping it warm.”
Going forward, the pair says they would like to set up meet-and- greets in Slave Lake and surrounding areas.
“We hope to have a couple show and tells,” says Curran. “If people want custom orders we will sit down with them and discuss what they’re looking for and find out what type of lifestyle they live. We will draft up a floor plan and see if it’s what they are looking for.”
To find out more information about Aries Cabins, Curran says it’s best to email [email protected] or visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AriesCabins and by calling 780-805-9914.

(l) Jenna Curran and Knolan Kennedy (r )standing beside their first tiny home called ‘The Willow’ inside their shop located in Marten Beach.

Take a look the framework behind the tiny home being built by Curran and Kennedy.

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