Local craft brewery launches bigger system

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Come by and have a cold one, says Ben Fiddler of Dog Island Brewing Company. The DIB shop would be the place for a cold one, because when he took the call last Wednesday, it was about 31 degrees inside.
“We just finished our first commercial batch!” said Fiddler. “It’s hot in here!”
That’s what you get for brewing 500 gallons of raspberry-flavoured beer at a time, which is what Fiddler and partner Chad Paulson were doing when The Leader called.
What happens next is it gets put in kegs and cans and shipped off to market. There’s a system in place to get it out there; no guarantees, but they are hoping for the best.
Meanwhile, starting in the new year, Ben and Chad hope to be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, more consistently than they have been. They’re holding off on that for the next few weeks because of all the experimentation they are in the middle of with the new, bigger system.
“We want to see how it turns out,” Fiddler says.
Fiddler and Paulson have been brewing beer for the past couple of years with their very small system. It has become quite popular locally, but the problem was there was never nearly enough to satisfy local demand, let alone make inroads on a broader market. The new system has 10 times the capacity; they’ve been setting it up since last spring. Now that it’s operational, the trick is to figure out how to reproduce that same Dog Island suds character (award-winning, we should add), consistently, on the larger scale.
Stay tuned for further updates.

Chad Paulson of Dog Island Brewing consults with Adam Moore, the equipment supplier’s rep, during brewing activity last Friday.

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