Local mason jar decorating biz open and ready for orders

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

Who would have thought that an American would end up here in Slave Lake and open a homemade decorative Mason jar business? Kate Stamp, of Stamp of Approval didn’t, but here she is; almost a month into production and she says things are going great.
“I’m originally from Detroit,” she says. “I met my husband in college and we came to Slave Lake four years ago for summer jobs and never really left. I just got my permanent residence status!”
As mentioned above, Stamp’s business is creating and designing jars for customer’s homes.
“As of yesterday I am taking orders; everything is in full swing now,” she chuckles. “I create gift jars, jars for the bathroom, jars for your makeup – you name it.”
Stamp adds, “I have sets of jars that I always have on hand but I also do custom orders too. An example are my bathroom set jars which are blue, but not everyone is going to want blue so I am able to accommodate them. I will do everything I can!”
Since it being back to school season and all, Stamp says her most popular product as of late are ‘teacher jars’.
“I saw the design online and thought ‘oh wow this is cute!’” she says. “It’s been quite fun to make and the teachers love them. It’s just something different for the parents to give instead of the usual gift card.”
How does pricing work?
“One litre jars are $10.00, 500 ml jars are $8.00, 250 ml jars are $6.00, 125 ml jars are $4.00, set of three is between $20-$25, set of four is between $30-$35 and set of five is between $40-$45,” Stamp says.
Stamp says her products are available online https://www.facebook.com/stampofapprovaljars and that she will be setting up shop at the upcoming fall markets in the local multi-rec centre.
“I will be at the craft show in October and probably the November and December ones as well,” she says. “If people miss me at those, they can always order online.”
Call 780-805-9887 for more information or visit https://www.facebook.com/stampofapprovaljars .

Kate Stamp and daughter.

Stamp’s various teacher jars that are available to order.

Another example of Stamp’s jars, The Leader is told these ones are decorated for the kitchen.


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