Local restaurant copes with curbside and delivery only

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

How about a dish of pancit bihon? With a side of barbecued skewers of pork in traditional Filipino sauce? Get it curbside at the multi-rec centre in Slave Lake.

That might sound like an advertisement for Susan’s Kitchen, but it’s just our way of introducing another story about how small, locally-owned restaurants are coping during another COVID-induced disruption of their business. In this case, unlike most restaurants, the walk-in, take-out option isn’t even there. It’s curbside pickup, delivery or nothing.

“We just have to get through it I guess,” says Clayton Crory, who partners with Susan Cadaba in the business based at the MRC. Doing strictly curbside pick-up and delivery is a far cry from the ‘normal’ operations of the snack bar at the arena. Its core business has always been in serving people who come to the centre for hockey games and other recreational activities and programs. But that’s been turned completely on its head due to COVID.

Last week, the town closed the MRC altogether, making the shutdown even tighter than the first one was, back in March and April. That one was maybe the bigger shock for Susan’s Kitchen, but like most other restaurants, it did a hard pivot, promoting its take-out and delivery options.

“It’s definitely slower,” says Crory.

Hockey season may be allowed to resume in the new year. That would be a very welcome return to something like normal for Susan’s Kitchen. Otherwise, check them out at susanskitchen.ca, or order over the phone. If it’s curbside pickup, they’ll give you a time and if you haven’t paid online ahead of time, you can pay by cash on the spot (best if you bring the correct amount or close to it) or by debit. And off you go, with your pancit bihon. By the way, that Filipino barbecue sauce is made from bananas!

Barbecued skewers on the Susan’s Kitchen grill. Get ‘em (curbside) while they’re hot.

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