Local students in the top four for their grade at archery

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Four local schools competed at archery provincials March 14 to 16 at the Edmonton Expo Centre, with some notable results.

Smith Eagle Jacob Malone was third for Grade 6 boys.

St. Mary Husky Sara Atencio Chacon was fourth for her Grade 4 girls.


St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School, in Slave Lake, sent 23 archers to provincials.

“The Huskies stood strong finishing seventh in the province in the elementary division,” says Evan Mellsen, Huskies coach. “This tournament had 89 schools from around Alberta and over 1,500 archers. It should be noted that we were the only Northern Alberta school to finish in the top 10.”

Grade 4 and 5 Huskies were on the elementary team. Grade 6 archers were on the middle school team.

The top Husky was Sara Atencio Chacon, who was fourth for Grade 5 girls and seventh for elementary girls.

Archery in Alberta is through the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). Results from the tournament are at nasptournaments.org.

Last year, Sara was eighth for Grade 4 girls and 31st for elementary girls at provincials, says nasptournament.org. Sara has competed seven times, four times last year in Grade 4 and three times this year. At each of her five smaller tournaments, she has won first for her grade and between first and eighth for elementary school girls.

Clare Cabailo finished 20th for Grade 4 girls, Mark Hernandez finishing 24th for Grade 4 boys, and Daronne Ubales finishing 24th for Grade 4 girls.

Many archers Huskies had personal bests, adds Mellsen.

This was the second year this Kindergarten to Grade 6 school competed at provincials.

Smith Eagles

Smith School is a Kindergarten to Grade 9 school in the hamlet of Smith. It is one of two schools in the area, which calls its school teams the Eagles.

Smith School sent 11 archers – three in Grade 4, one in Grade 5, four in Grade 6, and one each in Grade 7, 8, and 9.

The top Smith Eagle was Jacob Malone who was third for Grade 6 boys and 11th for middle school boys. Justine Malone was the next top ranked Smith Eagle. He was 39th for Grade 4 boys. At 57th for Grade 4 girls, Sofia Weinrich was the third top ranked Smith Eagle.


Kinuso School Knights sent 29 archers to provincials. Before provincials, they also took part in a 3D target shoot in Edmonton. They were ranked 13th for an individual group – with middle school and high school archers.

“Top archers for Kinuso School were Hudson Nadon, Rosie Giroux and Aiden Hunt,” says a social media post from the school.

Hudson was 28th for Grade 9 boys, says the provincials results online. Rosie was number 29th for Grade 8 girls. Aiden was 77th for Grade 8 boys.


St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy, from Slave Lake, sent six archers to provincials. Three Falcons are in Grade 7, one is in Grade 9, and two are in Grade 11.

Three were in the top 30 for their grade.

Samantha Marpuri was was 20th for Grade 7 girls and 53 for middle school girls.

Jay Ann Domondon was 22 for Grade 11 girls and 78th for high school girls.

Nikosis Isadore was 24th for Grade 11 boys and 107th for high school boys.

EG Wahlstrom Eagles

Tenille Bablitz, an EG Wahlstrom School Eagle, competed in the middle school girls. She was 12th for Grade 6 girls and 65 for middle school (Grade 6, 7, and 8) girls. She was the only EGW Eagle at provincials.

EGW is a Grade 4 to 6 school in Slave Lake.

Kinuso School archers at a 3D archery shoot they did in Edmonton, before archery provincials. Left to right, the students sitting are Geromino Giroux, Kyle Labby, Aiden Hunt, Germaine Giroux. The students standing are Colton King, Grayson Hunt and Jeremiah Laboucan. Kinuso School sent 29 archers to provincials, March 14 to 16 at the Edmonton Expo Centre.

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