Local watershed council offering webinar

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council is holding Watersheds 101 a free webinar on April 15, 2020 from 1:30 to 3 p.m.

“It’s good information you may have not had the opportunity to access before,” says LSWC Executive-Director Meghan Payne.

The information should be accessible for anyone in junior high or older, which is good for parents looking for something for their kids to do.

The webinar fits within social distancing recommendations, as it can be done at home.

The webinar is live and interactive. The screen will have the slides.

People can raise their virtual hand and type in a question. There’s also fun quizzes.

The webinar topics include what is a watershed? What impact do things we do on the land have on it? and best management practices.

The LSWC is continuing to work, but has cancelled or postponed all in-person meetings and group activities. This includes the dugout and water workshop for farmers.

Both of the LSWC staff can still provide interested farmers with information.

The webinar is put on by LSWC, the Lesser Slave Lake Forest Education Society, and Northern Lakes College.

To register and participate in the webinar, people need to make a Norther Lakes College account, which is quite simple.

Northern Lakes College has other free webinars available.

Last week, there was one on bird migration with the Boreal Centre for Bird Migration, north of Slave Lake.

The LSWC webinar and others can be watched after the webinar has been recorded, but aren’t interactive.

It’s more like watching a video, says Payne.

People interested in the topic can also check out a free online course, called Alberta Wetlands 101 which goes more in-depth. It is put on by Alberta Wetlands.

Lesser Slave Lake watershed map
with sub-basins.

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