Lock up your friends! Jail and Bail fundraiser coming up on June 2

Leader staff

The Friends For Learning Fundraising Society of Slave Lake is holding a Jail and Bail fundraising on June 2. This is one of those where you can have someone ‘arrested,’ thrown in ‘jail’ and then they have to come up with ‘bail’ money to get out. All for a good cause.
The good news is you don’t have to wait until the day the jail is set up in downtown Slave Lake to get involved. Last week organizers sent out pledge forms. On it, you name who you want to be arrested and their contact number. Also required to get somebody thrown in jail on June 2 is $100 in pledges. That’s for starters. On the big day, the duly appointed authorities will round up and incarcerate the named persons in a jail set up in front of the Servus Credit Union. While behind bars for a maximum of one hour, the jailed person gets to work the cell phone to find sponsors to cover whatever bail the presiding judge has set. This could be anywhere from $100 to $500.
The FFLS is a group that supports the public schools in Slave Lake, providing extras in those schools that help teachers and enhance the experience for students.
More information on this fundraiser is available online at friendsforlearning.ca.It already has quite a rogue’s gallery of unsavoury characters destined for short prison terms displayed there.

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