Lodge COVID outbreak

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

From Oct. 2 to 7, there were three new outbreaks in the M.D. of Lesser Slave River (LSR) and the municipalities which border it. These were Vanderwell Heritage Place (aka. the Lodge) (Slave Lake), Pembina Lodge (Westlock), and Pleasant View Lodge (High Prairie).

In total, Slave Lake has four outbreaks – Slave Lake Health-care Centre (reported on Sept. 7), Legacy Childcare (Sept. 10), Sweetgrass seniors housing (formerly Points West) (Sept. 24), and the Lodge (Oct. 5).

On October 6, the provincial government started reporting on schools which had two or more active cases. On Oct. 7, there were 18 in the area. Of these, four were in Slave Lake –  CJS (five to nine cases), & two to four cases at EGW, Michener, & St. Mary’s.


The North Zone covers the top half of Alberta starting south of Jasper and Cold Lake.

From Oct. 2 to 7, 24 people died from COVID-19 in the AHS North Zone.

Five of the people who died were from LSR or its closest neighbours – LSR (two), Big Lakes County (one), M.D. of Opportunity (one), and Northern Sunrise (one).

The remainder of the deceased were from further away – Clear Hills County (two), M.D. of Peace (two), MacKenzie County (four), City of Grande Prairie (three), M.D. of Bonnyville (two), City of Cold Lake (three), Hinton (one), Yellowhead County (one), and Lac Ste. Anne County (one).

The deceased may be from the counties (M.D.s), or towns, First Nations, and Métis Settlements inside the county borders. The only town listed in the area is Whitecourt, because it has a population of over 10,000.

The gender and age of the people who died from COVID-19 (Oct. 2 to 7) in the North Zone were as follows: a man (40s), three women and a man (50s), two women and a man (60s), three women and six men (70s), and two women and five men (80 or older).


The LSR cases could be in Slave Lake, Sawridge First Nation, or LSR from Assineau to Flatbush. Outbreaks are either general (health care and non-healthcare) or schools.

From Oct. 2 to 7 (six days), the COVID-19 situation (active and outbreaks on Oct. 7) in LSR and its closest neighbours was:

  • LSR – 92 active (33 new, 40 recovered, & two died) – Slave Lake outbreaks: four (one new) & four schools
  • Big Lakes – 122 active (52 new, 49 recovered, & one died) – one (new) & three schools
  • Westlock County – 64 active (nine new & 32 recovered) – two schools
  • Opportunity – 57 active (25 new, 22 recovered, & one died) – one school
  • Woodlands County – eight active (five new & seven recovered)
  • Whitecourt – 139 active (54 new & 76 recovered) – six schools
  • Athabasca County – 34 active (20 new & seven recovered) – one school
  • Northern Sunrise County – 51 active (14 new, 26 recovered, & one died) – one school.
Graphs built by Leader staff with COVID-19 statistics from alberta.ca.

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