Loose animals make for bad neighbours

The ‘Canyon Creek cat spat’, as we’ve called it at least once, is not a joking matter for people involved in it. One of them called The Leader last week after seeing the latest stories in this newspaper.

There’s a lot of frustration, anger and so on. Two or more sides to the same story and blame being thrown back and forth. It’s difficult for an outsider to know what’s true and what’s false. Not to mention what to do about it.

But what is obvious is that people who own cats and dogs – unless they live on large acreages or farms – should not be letting them run loose. It’s a recipe for disaster and it appears that is what is shaping up one Canyon Creek neighbourhood.

So…without pointing fingers at anyone in particular…we’ll just say there are bylaws about animal control for good reason. If you’ve got pets, you should do whatever is necessary to keep them on your own property. Period.

Not only that, if you are walking your dog in an urban area, it should be on a leash. It’s good manners and good manners make for good neighbours and friendly, peaceful neighbourhoods.

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