Loosening up and getting moving

It’s our belief people are getting antsy for some walking and running opportunities. The question may have been settled by now; we certainly hope so!

One way it could be settled is by a return of relatively mild winter weather, with good footing. Too mild and you end up with ice. This is a big deal for people who rely on walking or jogging for their exercise, and there are quite a few of them.

The Town of Slave Lake announced a limited re-opening of the MRC last week, given the newly relaxed rules about such facilities. It’s not much, but something is certainly better than nothing!

As for the walking and running in the field house, it would be nice if something along the same lines as what was in place over the summer and fall will come back into effect. That was, if we remember correctly, that you had to book ahead, due to a limited number of spots available at one time. And the joggers got the track, while the walkers had to make do with a circuit of the field house down below. But we’ll have to wait a while for that, it looks like.

Again – it would be a lot better than nothing and a real benefit for people cooped up in cold weather.

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