Lots of rain and wider shoulders

This winter has been notable for a lack of snow, and it is making people nervous. But nobody knows how it’s going to turn out.

Remember the winter of 2010/11? It was a big one for snowfall. There was so much snow, people were worried about spring flooding. In Slave Lake, at about this time of year, some residents were so concerned about the weight of the snow on their roofs, they shoveled it off.

That winter was followed by a dry spring and the nasty wildfires many of us experienced.

So you never know. Maybe 2024 will be remembered as the year when not much of anything happened.

Meanwhile, the fire chief tells us the regional service is into another record for calls for service so far this year. It’s mostly not fires; lots to alarms, lots to medical situations for assistance, and really lots for stuff happening on roads.

‘Have you been up the Marten Hills Road?’ he asks. ‘It’s crazy up there!’

Hwy. 88, is of course notorious for having soft shoulders. Truckers don’t want to risk ending up in the ditch, so they are hugging the centre line, which as we know can lead to other problems. Not fires, as a rule, but that can happen too.

Let’s hope for rain and for wider paved shoulders on Hwy. 88.

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