LSL Provincial Park trails getting a major upgrade

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

A couple of trails in Slave Lake Provincial Park are getting a makeover this fall. We’ve not heard the official word from the department on this (still waiting for word back from the communications people at press time), but a couple of other sources provided some details.

For starters all but one of the bridges on the Freighter Lakeshore Trail have been improved. This is the trail that runs through the park starting at Devonshire Beach and ending at the Marten River Campground.

The contractor took the bridges off, installed pilings for better support and then re-installed the bridges. The job includes some riprap work against erosion, plus planting willow trees.

The only bridge that isn’t being done as part of the contract is the one at Lily Creek. It’s bigger and apparently requires a different sort of solution.

Also part of the trails upgrade is some work on the Lily Lake Trail. That’s the one that runs from the Marten Mountain summit to Lily Lake.

Word is it’s a big job, worth about a million dollars. Adding to the expense are careful environmental controls, as you would expect there to be on any job that involves streams in a provincial park.

Better bridge

One of the recently-upgraded bridges on the Freighter Lakeshore Trail in Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park. The support structure under the bridge was reinforced, and willows planted (that’s what the sticks are), among other improvements designed to resist erosion.

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