M.D. 124 candidates for council

Div. I
Ryan Cooper

Cooper and his partner live near Flatbush. He’s interested in attracting new businesses to the area and agri-tourism.
A good economy is good for the environment, he says.

Div. I
Darren Fulmore

Fulmore and his wife raise cattle near Smith. He was an M.D. councillor from 2010 to 2017, including during the 2011 wildfire. A plan to replace the Smith bridge, recreation for kids, and access to the Athabasca River for recreation are his main planks.

Div. I
Sandra Melzer

Melzer and her husband have a cattle farm near Flatbush. She’s seeking re-election to council for a second term. Supporting Smith School, attracting more industry, and supporting community volunteerism are some of her planks.

Div. I
Becky Peiffer

Peiffer and her husband raise horses near Smith. She’s running for a second term on council. Her platform consists of housing, Smith bridge, supporting the Smith School, recreation for kids, and lobbying the province to keep recreation areas open.

Div. I
Nancy Sand

Sand and her husband raise bison near Hondo. She’s a former school board trustee, been on the Ag Service Board, and Municipal Planning Commission.
Sand’s platform consists of economic development, housing, and secure recreation areas.

Div. II
Darcie Acton

Acton from Nine Mile Point is running for re-election. She’s served four terms – including during the 2011 wildfire. Acton’s campaign is stabilization of the M.D., regional collaboration, disaster preparedness and promotion of tourism and recreation.

Div. II
Charlotte Measor

Measor lives in Canyon Creek. She’s part of the Canyon Creek Rec Association, Métis Nation of Alberta, library board, and Subdivision Development Appeal Board. She wants to in improve roads and communication between council and residents.

Div. II
Brad Pearson

Pearson lives in Canyon Creek. He’s running for his third term. He is for – lifestyle quality, growth, affordability, property ownership, rights and responsibilities, and municipal effectiveness combined with community volunteerism.

Div. II
Craig Pearson

Pearson is a fourth generation Canyon Creek resident. His goal in running for council is to streamline the development process.
“New voices are good,” says the 34-year-old. “But we need someone who knows the process.”

Div. II
Pamela Porter

Porter lives in Canyon Creek. She worked for FCSS. She’s lived in Kinuso, Smith, and Canyon Creek.
Porter would like to improve internet access and highways, and bridge the gap between the municipality and residents.

Div. II
Norm Seatter

Seatter lives in the Marten Beach area. In the past he lived in Poplar Lane. He wants to look into flood mitigation and streamlining the development process. Seatter believes there is a lot of potential for development and growth in the area.

Div. II
Lana Spencer

Spencer, from Poplar Lane, recently retired from the M.D. One of her jobs was as recording secretary for council. If elected to council, she hopes to work on responsible land-use planning, replacing aging infrastructure, and citizen engagement.

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