M.D. Community Assistance Bd. gives a boost to Gentle Ben

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

On Nov. 14, the M.D.’s Community Assistance Board convened for the final time in 2018, with Brad Pearson as chair. He was elected again to that position, by acclamation. Sandra Melzer was appointed as vice chair, in a similar manner.

Before the CAB were three requests for funds. Widewater Athletic Association was asking for $780 to replace blinds at the Widewater Complex. Smith Gentle Ben Care Society was asking for $10,230.85 for its services to seniors. The Trail Dusters Horse Club of Smith was asking for $4,000 for its project of replacing the fences at the Trail Dusters grounds at Smith.

Those amounts added up to $16,730.85, which was $5,680.85 more than was left in the CAB budget.

Providing some details for council, rural services director Russ Jassman said things are not looking that good for Gentle Ben.

“It might have to shut down for December,” he said.

As for the Trail Dusters, representative Bobby Halliday said if it would help, the organization could defer its request until the first quarter of 2019. That offer was accepted.

The CAB then went in camera to discuss the merits. Coming back into public session, they first passed a motion to have the M.D. cover the $780 cost of new blinds at the Widewater Complex. Next, they approved the full $10,230.85 for Gentle Ben.

Gentle Ben provides transportation to medical appointments and other services.

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