M.D. council accepts ARC proposal on captured cat care

‘Be prepared for skunks’

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

With the M.D. of Lesser Slave River recently putting a cat clause with claws in its animal control bylaw, it had to come up with a way of looking after stray cats if it catches them. Some sort of holding cell on M.D. property had been suggested. But in the meantime, somebody came up with a better idea, involving the Slave Lake Animal Rescue Committee (ARC). Two of its members were in attendance at council’s Oct. 28 meeting to make the pitch.

“It’s pretty basic, really,” said ARC president Dennise McIntyre. “We do have extra space. What we would call the feline pound. We have volunteers in place.”

So as proposed, if the M.D. takes custody of a cat, it would deliver it to the ARC facility in Slave Lake, where it would be looked after for the required period. Any cat not claimed by owners during that period would become the property of ARC, which would make it available for adoption.

For this service, ARC was proposing a start-up cost of $6,250, plus $25 per day, per cat.

Reeve Murray Kerik, for one, was very pleased with the proposal.

“It sounds like a partnership made in heaven,” he said.

What’s the hold time? asked councillor Brad Pearson.

The legal minimum is 72 hours, said peace officer Paul Mulholland, but he was proposing six days.

Council voted in favour of the proposal. Mulholland recommended the M.D. not trap cats when it’s below zero, “but we make an exception in this case.”
‘This case’ is a situation in Canyon Creek that has generated a lot of complaints and in fact provoked the whole exercise of the M.D. getting into cat control.

“Be prepared for skunks,” warned Pearson. “We will get them.”

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