M.D. council reorganizes, makes appointments

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

M.D. of Lesser Slave River council did its annual shuffle of appointments on Oct. 24. Not a great deal changed, but enough so that we thought it would be worth reporting it here.

The meeting also dealt with remuneration and formalized the meeting dates and times for 2019.

Starting with the remuneration item (that awkward term), council tabled the matter, pending a promised assessment. CAO Allan Winarski said it had been several years since the last adjustment to what councillors get compensated for meeting attendance, mileage and the like, and it is due for a review.

The current numbers include 55 cents per kilometre rate for the first 5,000 kms and 49 cents per km thereafter. Per-day meeting rates are $250.

The M.D. is participating in a remuneration survey with Athabasca County.

The first appointment on the agenda was that of deputy reeve. Councillor Brian Rosche gets the job for another year.

Ag Service Board – No change, with councillors Robert Esau and Sandra Melzer getting the most votes of three candidates. The ASB will have a new look on the public member side, with Jessica Mittelstadt and Orin Sand joining Damond Stadnyk.

Veterinary Services Incorporated – Status quo as well, with Melzer re-appointed and Esau as her alternate.

Weed and Pest appeal panels – Councillor Becky Peiffer continues to serve, along with public members Rick McKnight, Nancy Sand, Ken Sauter, Bob Chapotelle and Debbie Parsons.

LSL Regional Waste Management Services Commission – Councillors Brad Pearson, Jeff Commins and Esau will continue on the board.

Athabasca Regional Waste – Councillors Melzer and Esau continue on this board

Community Futures Lesser Slave Lake – Pearson for another term

Community Futures Tawatinaw – Melzer reappointed

Inter-Municipal Committee – this is the group that discusses issues of joint concern between the Town of Slave Lake and the M.D., such as cost-sharing on emergency services and recreation facilities. It changes a bit, with Reeve Murray Kerik, Pearson and Brian Rosche returning and Melzer replacing Commins.

Lesser Slave Watershed Council – Rosche continues as the M.D. rep, with Pearson as his alternate.

Athabasca Watershed Council – Esau stays; Pearson replaces Melzer as the alternate.

Peace Library System – Pearson, with Melzer as alternate.

“This will be my last year for that one,” said Pearson.

Slave Lake Regional Library Board – Peiffer as the council rep; Charlotte Measor and Angela Wright are citizen appointees from the M.D., both with two years left in their terms.

Slave Lake Airport Services Commission – Melzer replaces Pearson; Esau and Commins remain.

Municipal Planning Commission – Status quo, with Rosche, Peiffer, and Commins. Public members are Ken Caissie, Grant Gramiak and Nancy Sand.

Subdivision & Development Appeal Board – this panel hears appeals of decisions made by the MPC. It had three councillors on it, but the rules have changed and it now can have only one. Brad Pearson got reappointed; Sandra Melzer will be his alternate. Public members are Brent Mackay, Charlotte Measor, Debbie Parsons and Randy Ross.

Lesser Slave Regional Housing Authority – Councillors Commins and Pearson were reappointed, with Pearson again saying it would be his last year on the board. There were three applicants for one public member-at-large position. Pearson spoke up for Brent Mackay, whose experience on the board was valuable.

Homeland Housing – Melzer reappointed

Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce – Commins replaces Kerik as the M.D. rep

Canyon Creek Harbour Authority – Rosche reappointed

Northern Alberta Development Council and Northern Alberta Elected Leaders – Kerik continues

Wildfire Legacy Corporation – Kerik

Tri-Council Health Sub-Committee – Commins replaces Pearson; Rosche and Peiffer reappointed

Tri-Council Economic Development Committee – Esau and Commins reappointed

FireSmart Committee – Commins replaces Rosche

Weed and Pest Appeal Committees – Debbie Parsons, Nancy Sand and Rick McKnight, with one position still open.

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