M.D. funds a few community groups

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

M.D. of Lesser Slave River council agreed to fund some groups and asked other for more information.

Every four months, M.D. council meets to divvy up funds from the Community Assistance Board (CAB) and Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).

The second round of funding was done on May 8.

Flatbush Help Services Society applied for both CAB and FCSS, because FCSS can’t fund mileage. From CAB, the group requested $1,462 for program support to transport seniors and people with disabilities to medical appointments. The group has donations of $1,390. From FCSS, the group requested $4,700 for program support to cover wages, WCB, insurance clerical supplies, and PPE.

From CAB, Gilwood Golf and Country Club applied for $5,000 for its junior golf program.

Slave Lake Region Tourism Society requested $4,000 from CAB for Beach Fest.

Stage North Association requested $2,112 to provide entertainment at Beach Fest.

Smith Community Association requested $1,000 for hamlet beautification, which includes flowers and new banners from CAB. The group also requested $625 for an event celebrating community art and volunteering from FCSS.

Smith Half Century Plus Association requested $5,000 for operational and insurance costs from CAB.

Smith Community Library requested $682 from FCSS to offer a babysitting course.

From FCSS, Smith School requested $1,000 for an Indigenous People’s Day Celebration.

Before this round of grants, the CAB fund had $31,995.55 and the FCSS one had around $54,000. The budget in the agenda package said $64,196.08, but a fire service appreciation event organized by FCSS had happened but not made its way through the accounting system. This cost between $8,000 and $10,000.

Council deliberated in closed session, but announced their decision in an open session.

Council approved both Smith Community Associations grants for the full amount – $1,000 for beautification and $625 for the event.

Council approved $682 to the Smith Library for the babysitting course.

Council approved $1,000 for Smith School’s Indigenous People’s Day event.

Council approved $4,000 for Beach Fest, but denied Stage North, because the application was redundant.

Council approved half of the amount requested by Gilwood for the youth golf program – $2,500.

Council denied funding for the Flatbush Help Services Society for both CAB and FCSS. They directed administration to send a letter requested more information on the number of users and if there was any chance that the group could join forces with Gentle Ben Support Services, which provides the same services in Smith and Hondo.

Council denied Smith Half Century Plus, because it only funds operational costs during exceptional circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, council asked admin to tell the group to reapply for one of their programs instead. This approach has worked for other groups.

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