M.D. of Lesser Slave River Council notes

June 15, 2017

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

A big thank you
Harry Barlett came to thank council at its June 15th meeting on behalf of the Widewater Athletic Association. “Our sports weekend on June 9th – 11th was a success with sunny weather, good ball games and lots of family fun,” Bartlett said. “Reeve Murray Kerik and council, thank you for your continual support of all community recreational events and facilities.”Bartlett also gave a thank you out to M.D. administration and staff that helped prep the grounds.“Thank you for everything you do to provide ongoing guidance, maintenance and improvements to our indoor and outdoor rec. properties,” he said. “The Widewater Complex had freshly waxed floors and was very clean! The grounds looked great – the ball diamonds were neatly trimmed – the grass in the campsites and grounds had recently been cut and the weeds were all chopped down. Thanks for all your hard work that made our sports weekend a pleasure for everyone who attended.”Bartlett added, “Thank you to the Community Assistance Board for supporting our Canada 150 Sports Days with a grant that permitted us to provide free grounds admission and camping. This was appreciated by everyone who attended and the Canada 150 prizes that the grant also funded were enjoyed by both adults and kids.”

Spot zoning a no-go, for now
Rosalie Kropp of SK Trucking Ltd. approached council at its June 15th meeting to try to settle a long-time issue of hers having to do with business zoning. The gist of the delegation hearing was that Kropp and her husband would like to get the zoning discrepancies finally figured out which surround one of their lots in the Poplar Lane area.“My heart goes out to you on this one because it hasn’t come to a conclusion,” said councillor Robert Esau. “It needs to go somewhere and be dealt with. We need to sit down at this table and we need to figure this out!”Councillor Garry Horton echoed Esau’s sympathy for Kropp and said that since SK Trucking has been in its location for such a long time, that it should simply be grandfathered in, so to speak.“I’ve been acquainted with this area for a long time,” he chuckled. “In the 1960s, 90 per cent of everyone there were truckers! I think anyone who’s been there for such a long time should be grandfathered in.”Not all councillors shared the same thought, councillors Brad Pearson and Darren Fulmore said ‘spot zoning’ Kropp’s property could raise some issues down the line. Both said that if the property in question were to be spot-zoned as a commercial lot and Kropp were to move, the next business owner might not be as thoughtful and ‘clean’ as she and her husband are now. “I just want to get this sorted so we can comply with everything and you all don’t need to keep seeing me,” said Kropp. Unfortunately for her, council didn’t come to a concrete decision and the motion was made to dedicate a meeting down the line to come to a solution.

Letters of support
Council agreed to Jule Asterisk’s request to send a letter for Keepers of the Athabasca to SUEZ Environmental (Swans Hills Treatment Centre) and Alberta Environment in support of maintaining sediment and core samples being taken from Lesser Slave Lake and surrounding bodies of water. “At our October meeting, SUEZ agreed to provide additional monitoring in the form of three sediment core samples to be taken in the Town of Athabasca, the Town of Slave Lake and the Town of Fort Assiniboine,” said Asterisk. “At our April meeting, this offer was changed to one sediment core sample at the location of our choice. We ask you to consider writing a letter to Alberta Environment asking that the three original locations remain.”

2017 tender results
Bill Klassen, Director of Transportation and Infrastucture, gave an update to council about various jobs which had been put out to tender. “In the 2017 budget, Council approved the Poplar Lane paving project,” Klassen said. “Upon closing, three tenders were received.”  The companies were Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd. (37 days to complete and $2,882,811), E Construction Ltd. (47 days to complete and $3,082,692) and Allied Paving Co. Ltd. (45 days to complete and $3,526,000.)Council went with administration’s recommendation and hired Knelsen Sand & Gravel Ltd. for the job. In the realm of line painting, Klassen said administration received four tenders and recommended going with AAA Striping & Seal Coating Service for the price of $17,000 compared to the others which went up to $20,000. As for the 2017 shoulder pull tender results, council opted to go with administration’s recommendation of hiring a local contract grader from the equipment registry with road finish capability on an hourly basis.

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