M.D. of Opportunity Council notebook

June 8, 2022

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

(Compiled from the draft minutes.)

Back to the drawing board on Calling Lake seniors’ homes

Two weeks after rescinding one contract and awarding another for building seniors’ housing in Calling Lake, council did another about-face. Council voted in favour of a councillor Cheri Courtorielle motion to rescind a motion from the May 25 meeting “to enter into a contract with North Lake Contracting to construct four two-bedroom cottages.”

Courtorielle followed that up with a motion to have a working committee formed, “to come up with certain specifications” for the seniors’ housing project. The committee is also to visit vendors “to get a sense of what they have to offer.” Councillors Courtorielle, Gerald Johnson, Darlene Jackson, Marcel Auger, Brendan Powell and Tahirih Wiebe will sit on the committee.

What exactly happened to make council change its mind on the North Lake contract does not form part of the minutes. However several questions (if not answers) were recorded in the minutes during the ‘business arising’ part of the meeting. For example: “What was the process for awarding the contract?” and, “Did we ask for proposals?”

The contract for seniors’ housing in Calling Lake had originally been awarded to a company called SEKO, but due to the price (and perhaps other considerations) council had re-thought and scaled down the concept and decided to rescind the contract on May 25.

Request meeting with the minister

Courtorielle again took the lead, making a motion to authorize M.D. administration “to set up a meeting with the Minister of Alberta Environment, in regards to the lake situations in Wabasca and Calling Lake.” What those situations are – or are perceived to be – is not mentioned in the minutes, but CAO Chad Tullis says it has to do with the frequent appearance of algae blooms in the lakes.

Team for KTC charity golf

Council voted in favour of a Brendan Powell motion authorizing an M.D. team to enter the annual KTC Health Charity Golf Tournament, held on July 9 near Edmonton. The M.D. will also donate an item for the silent auction.

Tax recovery procedures

Council approved a policy on tax recovery procedures as presented, with a couple of additions. One of these was presented in the minutes as an addition to the last paragraph of the ‘statement of purpose’: “and the process if the property is not sold.”

The policy likely deals with tax sales of delinquent properties for tax recovery purposes. Typically, municipalities put them up for auction, and quite often receive no bids on them.

Red Earth Creek fireguard disking and seeding

Brendan Powell’s motion to award the contract for disking and seeding the fireguard at Red Earth Creek to a numbered company won council’s approval. The price is $97,728.75.

Extending water and sewer in Wabasca

Water and sewer services are to be extended to some M.D. residents in Desmarais. Council voted in favour of a Tahirih Wiebe motion to hire two companies to get the job done, for $440,300. The contractors are Kelsey Pipelines and BCL Engineering.

Into closed session

Council went in camera to discuss the following items: unsightly premises and abandoned buildings, plus a personnel issue. Council spent 37 minutes doing that, and made no motions on those matters after coming out of closed session.

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