M.D. of Opportunity Council notebook

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The following report is compiled from the draft minutes of council’s Aug. 24 meeting, held in Calling Lake.

Library board appointments

Council approved the appointment of four people to the Municipal District of Opportunity Municipal Library Board. The new board members are Gloria Cardinal, Dollie Anderson, Cora Weber-Pillwax and Wendy Zabot. Their terms expire on Oct. 31 of 2023.

Trucking situation

One of the late additions to council’s agenda appears in the minutes as the ‘trucking situation.’ What situation that might be is not plainly stated in the minutes but it appears there have been complaints about ‘unsightliness of trucks.’

There is nothing saying trucks can’t drive through town. But the M.D. hopes to come up with “a solution to address community concerns and engage with industry.” A bylaw amendment may be in the works.

Concession to Tyler Auger

Council voted in favour of a motion to grant the food concession at the Lakeview Sports Centre to Tyler Auger, for the 2022/23 season, at the rate of $200 per month, plus a $500 security deposit.

Asset management

Council approved a motion to accept an asset management policy as presented. The idea is to help the M.D. “make appropriate long-term decisions to better enable our assets to meet the challenges of customer expectations, legislative requirements, climate change and future generations.”

North Lake gets kennel job

Council awarded the contract to expand the Wabasca dog kennel to North Lake Contracting, for a cost of $63,400. North Lake’s was called “the most qualified bid” in the minutes.

Calling Lake seniors’ housing

Council briefly discussed the status of this project. A company called ‘MPS’ in the minutes is working on a design and will get back to the M.D. with costs. A working committee will be talking about layout and purchase of 10 homes.

Delegation #1: Calling Lake Community Society

Kathy Stubbs and Wilf Brooks of the CLCS updated council on what the society has been up to. It has done some fundraising to go along with a $1,500 grant from the M.D. It used the money to produce a pamphlet with photos and history.

“They have sorted out material, catalogued all the historical items, papers and pictures,” say the minutes.

The society will be requesting further M.D. funding “to go towards development and (to) complete future projects.”

Later in the meeting, possibly after discussing the matter in closed session, council voted in favour of a motion to grant the society $25,000.

Delegation #2: RCMP

Detachment commanders from the Athabasca and Wabasca RCMP visited with council, to present their annual performance plans. Sgt. Nutbrown of the Wabasca RCMP said “the most important thing is dealing with people and relationship building.”

Cpl. Dubois of the Athabasca RCMP said he is “hoping to maintain communication with the community about upcoming community events.”

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