M.D. re-opening rec facilities, with conditions

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Municipal District of Lesser Slave Ricver is moving toward the re-opening of community halls, arenas and the riding grounds at Smith.
Playgrounds, beaches and picnic areas are already open, with conditions as posted. Washrooms are to be sanitized three times a week.

The ‘recommended tentative opening’ for libraries, rec centres, etc. is July 7, director of rural services Barry Kolenosky told council at its June 24 meeting. Conditions and restrictions apply – all aimed at reducing the risk of germs being spread.

There are costs associated with all this. Kolenosky called the cost of hand sanitizer “a real nightmare moving forward.”

Speaking of nightmares, in the ‘real world’ (as opposed to the world of M.D. policy), people are doing things such as camping where they aren’t supposed to. Kolenosky said on a recent visit to the Widewater Complex, he came across people camped at the day use area by the lake, and the signs advising of permitted uses nowhere to be found.

“The sign had been run over,” he said.

Apparently it’s the second time it has happened.

“That’s an issue,” Kolenosky said. “All we can do is control our liability.”

One way of doing that is by making it clear to the users of M.D. facilities that they are responsible if anybody catches anything. Kolenosky said that has already caused the organizers of an event to change their minds about doing it, “when we informed them 100 per cent of the liability was theirs.”

As for the two libraries in the M.D. the target date for reopening is also July 7. But the one at Flatbush might be delayed due to a septic tank issue.

Council passed three proposed motions on reopening rec facilities.

Signs advising the public that it’s for day-use and not for camping have been removed from the area near the Wagner pumphouse.

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