Making the best of isolation: your photos

We asked people to send photos showing how they are keeping themselves (and especially their kids) busy during enforced isolation at home. Here are a few of them.

Marissa Smith sent us this one of her boys Grayson (4) and Conner (9) helping their mom paint a table. “Art class,” she called it in her post on the Lakeside Leader Facebook group.
Out on the ice…the Kirby kids Emerik (3) and Noah (8) were out having some fun on the ice ridges on Lesser Slave Lake by Lily Creek recently. Thanks to Vanessa Asselin for the photo.
Ice fishing has been an isolation activity for some families. This one came in by email from Melody, showing a youngster dipping a hook in the hole in hopes of a nibble.
The Carmichaels have been keeping busy with school work, crafts, writing in journals, playing with their new dog and their (very large) older one, and learning how to make pasta. All this comes from Lindsey, who is pictured on the couch with Irish wolfhound Bane.
Parker, from out in Poplar Lane, made this sign last week and her mom Stacy Kirtio sent it to us. Asked why she did it, Parker told her mom, “I wanted to put the word ‘hope’ out for people to see because right now everyone is worried and sad and I wanted to let people know that there is still hope and light in the world.”
Alesh, Danni and Presley Carmichael prep garlic for a pasta sauce for their mom.
Danni and Presley have some fun in the pasta-making line, while cooped up at home.

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