Marten Beach resident running for M.D. council

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Make it seven candidates for a Division. II seat on the M.D. of Lesser Slave River council. Norm Seatter, a resident of the Marten Beach area announced his intention to run at the end of August.

That’s ‘area,’ because Seatter actually lives across the creek at Diamond North Properties, commonly known as Diamond Willow campground. He’s a part owner of the place, since about 2006.

As such, Seatter has become very familiar with flooding. One of the things he’d be looking into and advocating for, if elected, would be a plan for flood mitigation “in the whole area, not just Marten Beach.”

Not just Marten Beach, but residents and property owners there certainly deserve some representation on council, and Seatter says that’s another reason why he’s running. Yet another one is his impression that the “development process” employed by the municipal district is badly in need of improvement.

Seatter says the process of getting a development approved by the M.D. is often frustrating – for one thing because it can take way too long. He has all kinds of examples on the tip of his tongue. He says he brought the matter up at a candidates’ forum during the 2017 election campaign, and all he got was platitudes.

“It needs to be addressed,” he says. “And I don’t think it has been.”

Seatter thinks the area has a lot of potential for development and growth.

“You need to have it so people perceive it, and encourage it,” he says. “I’m only one voice, but hopefully I can influence it.”
Raised on a farm west of Dapp, Seatter got a diploma in exploration geology from NAIT. He subsequently worked for Unocal for several years, which ultimately brought him, his wife Diane and their kids to Slave Lake, in 1984. He ran a company called Precision Proving for a decade, and for the past 22 years has operated his own consulting company, doing “pipeline measurement.”

When the Seatters lived in the Mitsue area, Norm was chairman of the water co-op that was involved in getting town water out that way.

As noted, Seatter’s a partner in Diamond North and now lives at Diamond Willow. The Seatters have three children and six grandchildren.

Asked what his plans are for campaigning, Seatter isn’t sure, but will be consulting with his campaign manager, Valerie Tradewell, who he says has been “pushing me to run for two years.” He’ll be attending any candidate forums that may be organized.

Voting day for municipal councils is on Oct. 18.

Norm Seatter

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