Math teacher hoping to help and inspire students

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Geoff Rosenstein has been with Roland Michener Secondary Schoolin Slave Lake (RMSS) for two years teaching math to students in Grade 7 and 8.

Rosenstein decided he wanted to become a teacher and teach math because he wasn’t a very good student. He says he had a couple of math teachers who invested their time and believed in him. Rosenstein states when he graduated math was one of the only things he had good marks in.

“So I thought I could maybe teach some other poor sod like myself.”

Rosenstein explains even when he learned stuff he could not finish off the problem which led him to believe he wasn’t very good at math or very smart. He adds he didn’t learn to solve equations until he was in Grade 11.

Rosenstein states a teacher taught him how to do it and it was a painful process. He says he was actually doing after- school tutoring for hours and hours and that one of his teachers taught him the missing piece he needed.

“I have been good at math ever since.”

Rosenstein says previous to teaching at RMSS he taught at few different schools including Glenmary School in Peace River, Mistassiniy School in Wabasca and Third Academy in Calgary.

Rosenstein was born and raised in Calgary and attended Mount Royal College (now a university) and the University of Lethbridge.

Rosenstein says over the course of his budding career he taught several grades and several subjects.

These include health, physical education, science, a whole assortment of “weird” options and distance education.

“Junior high seems to be the best fit for me and it also seems to be where the demand is right now.”

He mentions Grade 7 is probably his favourite grade to teach as the students come in from the elementary school a “clean slate”.

Geoff Rosenstein

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