Maybe this time it will be different

One thing you should avoid doing in writing editorials is repeat yourself too often. For example, using the headline ‘Here we go again,’ every time an election is called.

However, it does sum up the feeling, after last week’s news we’re getting yet another federal election.
‘What? Already?’

Yes, already. Our Prime Minister apparently thinks his chances of re-election are better now than they would be in a year or two. So, ‘here we go again,’ just two years after Trudeau’s Liberal Party won the last election.

Sure, it’s a minority government, but it’s not as if the other parties were ganging up on him. That would take an NDP/Conservative collaboration, which was apparently not palatable enough to either of those parties to make happen.

The west will predictably vote Conservative again on Sept. 20. It makes for a pretty dull affair, but we’ll attempt at least to cover the contest in Peace River-Westlock as if it is one.

What usually happens in this – as in many Alberta ridings – is a merely token fight put up by Liberal and NDP candidates. Often they are of the ‘parachute’ variety, and don’t do much campaigning, if any.

But not this time! Running for the NDP is long-time Slave Laker Gail Ungstad. Leslie Penny of Barrhed is back representing the Liberal Party. Former Wild Rose Party candidate Darryl Boisson is signed up for the People’s Party of Canada and Colin Krieger carries the flag of the brand-new Maverick Party. No word yet on whether we’ll have a Green Party rep in the riding.

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