Mayor’s corner: School’s in; Let’s be safe out there!


Tyler Warman
Mayor of Slave Lake

Just a reminder that Tuesday September 5 all of the many children around Slave Lake and area go back to school. With their favourite outfit picked out and some shiny new school supplies there will be a rush in many households to get kids to their school on time. Excitement to see friends and meet new teachers will mean that safety won’t be top of mind.
The Town of Slave Lake reminds everyone to leave early and give yourself lots of time. Drive a little slower and be attentive to children running across the road. School zones will be crazy busy, so if you don’t need to be in the area, please stay out of it.
One of the most difficult areas for the month of September will be in front of CJ Schurter School. High Prairie School Division is investing in additional parking and expanding their parking lot on the east side of the building (the one shared with the Legacy Centre). The construction will continue until the end of the month so there will be a ton of congestion in the area. With half the entrance missing into the east side parking lot, some changes need to be made. The first will be at the construction area itself. Day care parents should be aware that access to the Legacy parking lot will be off of Caribou Trail only. Exit will be allowed at both the north and south entrances. What does this mean? If you try turning into the Legacy Centre parking lot off 6 Ave NE, you will be turned away, as the entrance is not wide enough for two-way traffic.
The other significant change will be in front of CJ Schurter itself. In partnership with the Town of Slave Lake Bylaw and RCMP, the school division will temporarily allow parking on the south side of 6 Ave NE.
Normally, parking on the Vanderwell Lodge side is not allowed, but during construction it will be permitted. We ask parents to make sure when their children are getting out of their vehicle to exit opposite of the street side. In other words, please step onto the grass, not the pavement. Walk down to the crosswalk and cross safely. If you are walking your children into the school please park further away to make the area in front of the school more ideal for drop-off only.
Even with these changes, this will be a frustrating process in September. Remember to leave early, be patient and be attentive.
Lastly I will remind parents to not turn across traffic.  There was a huge issue in many of the school zones last year where parents turned across traffic because it made it easier to park. Not only is this illegal, it is a huge safety concern. RCMP and Town Bylaw will have zero tolerance and tickets will be issued. The seconds it may save you could get really expensive so I urge people to use common sense. Remember to be aware of flashing lights on school busses. Slow down, be attentive and remember that safety is your responsibility. Thanks for the understanding and we are all looking forward to a safe September.


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