Minor hockey evaluations in progress

Leader staff

This just in from Slave Lake Minor Hockey President Chris Taylor. Evaluation skates continue this week (started last week). They’ll result in players being assigned to teams and team practices will begin. The plan is for a modified regular season to begin on Nov. 15, Taylor says.

“The teams will play in ‘pods’ – regional cohorts of between 3-5 teams. This will eliminate long distance commutes as well as maintaining social distancing when attending other communities. We expect the schedule to be released closer to the November date and will see then what hockey may look like for local games.”

Players and others will be following the procedures to reduce the risk of COVID infection. This includes screening, contact tracing and wearing masks when entering and leaving the rec centre.

This applies to spectators as well. Only 100 per game (or practice) will be allowed, and social distancing must be observed.

“There are actually pretty tough measures in place at the MRC,” Taylor says. “We will try and make this hockey season as friendly and as normal as possible during this pandemic, all while keeping everyone as safe as possible.”

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