MLA Pat Rehn on Highway 88 improvements

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Lesser Slave Lake MLA Pat Rehn has been hearing plenty about the state of highways in the area. As he said previously, he has been pestering Minister of Transportation Ric McIver about it, and perhaps as a result of that (or partly, at least), came the announcement a few weeks ago about three sections of Hwy. 2 to be paved. One of those sections has been completed.

The news at that time did not contain much on Hwy. 88. The MLA and minister have been hearing plenty about that as well.

A week or two ago, Rehn posted an update on the Highway 88 situation. It went like this:

Brady and Lily Creek culverts on Hwy. 88 near Slave Lake
The bridges failed summer 2019 and the department had temporary structures in place within 10 days.

Bridge construction always requires time to get environmental approvals and to take advantage of the small window of opportunity to complete in-stream work. This is why Alberta Transportation is taking a phased approach with this project.

The first phase of the project was completed in mid-March 2020. This included site cleanup and construction of a temporary detour.

Design of two replacement bridge structures was completed and all permits and approvals were secured for the second phase of the work.

Phase two is now underway. In late June 2020, a contractor was hired to construct two new 30-metre clear span bridge structures. The contractor is currently completing traffic accommodation plans, an environmental protection plan, as well as other work and will be mobilizing to the site soon.

We anticipate the project will be completed during the 2020 construction season.

Between Hwy. 750 and 22 km south of Hwy. 986
The 26km of paving on Highway 88 is well north of the Town of Slave Lake. This project is awarded and will be completed this summer.

More generally, pothole patching has been ongoing and will continue. Paver patching is expected to begin mid to late July. This work is weather dependent.

Lily Creek culvert washed out on July 25, 2019. A year later, it and another spot like it further north were still waiting to be fixed.

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