Monthly trucks: Slow day at 30 below zero

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Our February truck count on Hwy. 88 shows a sharp decline in numbers from the one done a month earlier.

A 15-minute period on Feb. 8 saw just 12 heavy trucks go by; the January count had 25 at roughly the same time of the month.

The main difference is Feb. 8 it was right around 30 below zero. Our understanding has always been the colder the better for log haulers.

But maybe that’s true only up to a point. Only four log trucks passed the Sawridge Travel Centre in those 15 minutes, and one of them was unloaded, heading south! You don’t see that very often.

The dozen trucks, extrapolated over a 12-hour day equals 556 trips. It could be a lot more than that, but probably not less. Not to mention that the hauling day may be quite a bit longer than 12 hours.

A truck heads north for another load, on the morning of Feb. 8.

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