More fun than it looks?

Well, well. Sometimes you get the impression incumbent councillors are swamped with the work the job entails. And that after four years of it, or seven years, they would look forward to not having all that on their shoulders on top of business and family responsibilities. Even without the flak they occasionally have to take, it’s a lot of meetings, a lot of reading and a lot of time considering topics that in ordinary circumstances they might not pay any attention to. Driveway widths? Give me a break!
But in spite of all that, here we have five (at least) of the current Slave Lake town council planning to run again and (it looks like) a majority on M.D. council doing the same. It suggests the job is more enjoyable than it looks from the outside. That, or maybe that these are a particularly public-minded bunch, who are happiest when they are pitching in and making a difference in their community. There are a lot of ways to do that that don’t involve campaigning for the approval of your fellow citizens and taking flak for potholes and snow windrows. Or, for that matter, that don’t involve 90 hours of poring over budget numbers, line by line. But hey – somebody has to do it! And in the case of Tyler Warman, Darin Busk, Brice Ferguson, Joy McGregor and Julie Brandle, they want to do it for another four years! So does Rebecca King – who took a crack at getting elected in the byelection earlier this year and came in second. Who does that leave? Councillor Phil Lokken. What do you say?


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