More M.D. cat spat: fundraising campaign launched to fight a ticket

Leader staff

A Canyon Creek resident has started a Go Fund Me campaign to help her neighbour with legal costs to fight a cat trapping ticket.

Since June, 2020, The Leader has been covering cat-related news out of Canyon Creek. Most recently, we reported on an anonymous call and the M.D. of Lesser Slave River social media post which presented two sides of an issue about one particular cat which was caught in a live trap.

The Go Fund Me campaign is connected with this incident.

“As most residents of Canyon Creek are aware, roaming pets in the area have been an ongoing issue,” says the Go Fund Me campaign. One Canyon Creek resident “took to social media on more than one occasion in hopes to find a potential owner as one particular cat that was repeatedly spraying her property had a collar. No owner came forward and nobody in the area was able to identify a potential owner.”

The resident trapped the cat and called the M.D., says the campaign, but was “informed that the M.D.’s only peace officer was off and after discussions was told that the cat could be taken to [Animal Rescue Committee of Slave Lake] ARC although paperwork was still in the process between ARC and the M.D.”

The campaign adds, “between the time it was captured and surrendered to ARC, the cat was fed, watered and provided with adequate shelter as well as a litter box.”

The next week, the peace office gave the resident a $500 violation ticket “under Section 6, Subsection 6 of the M.D.’s domestic animal control bylaw 2020-16, for ‘deliberately or willfully and with malicious intent, injure, hurt, or otherwise harm any domestic animal.’ In addition to the fine, the peace officer also informed her that he would be asking the courts for her to pay for the costs associated with the housing of the cat she brought to ARC.”
The resident intends to fight the ticket.

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