Municipal Planning Commission approves reiki x 2, bin storage

Town of Slave Lake Municipal Planning Commission Notebook

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake’s Municipal Planning Commission met on Aug. 24 to consider applications from three parties wishing to set up commercial enterprises that require permission from the town. In all three cases, the MPC’s recommendation to council will be to approve the applications.

Reiki in the southwest
A practitioner of the Japanese healing art of reiki plans to offer the service out of her home on 6th St. SW in Slave Lake. Such uses are called ‘discretionary’ in a residential district, and can be approved or turned down by the MPC based on the circumstances. Parking and traffic congestion are always factors considered. In this case, according to the report presented to the panel, neither is anticipated to be a problem. The proprietor expects no more than two clients per day, and never at the same time. Council approved the application.

Bin storage
A new company called Rydan Holdings had applied for permission to use an industrial lot on 3rd St. NW for waste bin storage, and to erect a couple of large signs. Commission members had a few questions about how the business would work – what would and would not be happening at the site and so on. From the report, it seems not much will be happening, apart from the storage of empty bins.
“They’ll have trucks there too?,” asked councillor Julie Brandle.
It doesn’t sound like it.

More reiki in the southwest
The third application on the MPC agenda was for a new home-based reiki business in the Gloryland neighbourhood of southwest Slave Lake. As in the above case, parking would not be an issue, said the report. Four to six clients per week are anticipated, and those one at a time.

Building report?
The meeting concluded with chair Shirley Chykerda asking if there was a building report. Apparently that had once been a regular feature of MPC meetings, but there hasn’t been much to report in recent times.
“We got one application for a house,” said Laurie Skrynyk, the TOSL planning and development director. “We’re excited about that!”

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