Naming committee gets organized, looks for suggestions

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Town of Slave Lake’s Naming Committee has been formed – make that ‘re-formed’ – as of Dec. 21.
With one town councillor and four members at large from the community, its job is to make recommendations to council on names for such things as parks, trails, public facilities and so on.
One of the first things on the group’s agenda is to seek suggestions from the townsfolk on names. This is in a general sense. The committee may also look for suggestions for names for specific things. But it would like to come up with a ‘reserve list’ of names for council to dip into when the need arises.
So if you think there’s a person who deserves to have something named after them, let Lisa Russell at the town office know. Ads on this topic will be appearing soon in the Lakeside Leader.
Also at its recent meeting, the new group discussed the naming of Slave Lake’s trail system and made a recommendation to town council. The announcement of the naming will be left up to council.
At or near the top of the agenda for the next thing needing naming is the ‘southwest quadrant park,’ which rumour has it is sometimes called ‘nacho cheese park.’ Council’s view is it needs a proper name and is open to suggestions.
It could be named for a pioneer-type of person, as the large park in the southeast part of town was named after Hilda Eben and the one near the hospital after ‘Mr. Slave Lake’ Charles Schurter.

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