New delivery business in Slave Lake started out as volunteering

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Cory Hughes, of Slave Lake, started Slave Lake Deliveries on August 19. A pastor on sabbatical, he’s been delivering pizzas for Alimo’s Pizzaria for the last while. When COVID-19 started, Hughes used his experience as a pizza delivery driver to start doing volunteer deliveries around Slave Lake. The business is an extension of this.

“I blame Ali and Moe Mouallem,” he says. “For months, they were telling me you’re good at this. You’re helping the community,” why not make it a business?

“My heart has always been uniting community,” says Hughes. He sees his new business as a way to achieve this goal.

Hughes’ business is open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 10 p.m. to midnight Monday to Friday. The other hours, he continues to work for Alimo’s Pizzaria delivering pizza.

“My goal is to not take anything from the businesses in town,” Hughes says. Delivery apps in the city take a percentage of the profits, but Hughes is only taking the delivery fee.

This is his first business.

“Nothing’s really been a stumbling block,” he says. The hardest part is coming up with prices.

Hughes can deliver anything that fits in his SUV, except cannabis. It is illegal to deliver it. He is however registered to deliver alcohol. The SUV rule isn’t hard and fast. Hughes might be able to borrow a friend’s pickup, so he may be able to deliver larger items. However, so far the biggest delivery has been of some chairs.

Delivery companies are a popular new business.

Earlier this year, Make Time Innovations started up in Slave Lake. Deliveries are one of their services. Hughes recently learned of another delivery company in Slave Lake – Porto Bello Jobber.

So far Slave Lake Deliveries has been busy, says Hughes. “Especially with COVID, I’m pretty certain that coming into winter, I’ll be busier.”

Slave Lake Deliveries contact is 780-901-9257,, and on Facebook.

Cory Hughes

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