New face at Philip Lokken Law Office

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

There’s a new lawman in town. Make that a new person in the legal profession, who for the moment is officially a ‘legal researcher’ at the law firm of Philip Lokken in Slave Lake.

“I hope to become a student at law in a few weeks,” says Darin Gette, who started his new job at the beginning of last month.

Gette is a recent graduate of law school at the University of Saskatchewan (same as his boss). Due to various considerations (related to COVID, he says), his status as student at law has been delayed a bit; hence the designation ‘legal researcher’ in his first few weeks on the job. When his ‘articling’ period begins, he’ll still be operating under the guidance of Mr. Lokken, but will presumably begin handling cases in Slave Lake Provincial court. He says he’s looking forward to it.

In the meantime, Gette says he’s getting a taste for various aspects of the legal profession, thanks to Lokken’s being “a general practice.”

“I’ve always been really interested in criminal law,” he says. “But I’m finding wills and estates more interesting than I thought it would be.”

Gette is a native Edmontonian, born and raised. He got his undergraduate degree (in philosophy) at the University of Alberta. After that, and before heading to the U of S for law studies, he spent time living and working in Toronto.

Outside of study and work, Gette says he’s an “outdoors type” of person, who enjoys hiking and cycling. If there are any local groups doing those types of activities, “I’ve been hoping to get involved,” he says.

Early impressions of Slave Lake?

“I’m really liking it!” he says. “I’ve never lived in a smaller community.”

Darin Gette

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