New face at Slave Lake Physiotherapy

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake Physiotherapy is not only fully open for business, it has a new physiotherapist on staff. He’s Devish Kumar, just in from Waterloo Ontario.

And how is it going so far?

“It’s quite good,” he says. “It’s a nice community.”

Kumar has a special expertise in sports therapy-type work, particularly when it comes to knees and ankles. He’s pleased to say that in the short time he’s been practicing at the clinic, “my patients are getting better.”

He’s open for more patients, as is the clinic generally. Speaking of that, owner Abhijit Dhane tells The Leader there has been some misunderstanding in the community lately about the status of Slave Lake Physiotheraphy. Without getting too far into the details of how it happened, it seems emails were sent around to clients that gave them the impression the clinic was closed or would be closing.

“A lot of people were confused,” says Dhane.

So to clear that up, nothing could be further from the truth. The clinic is open, fully staffed and providing full services.

“Quality is as good as ever,” Dhane says.

Possibly it will be even better, when a massage therapist joins the team at the beginning of next month.

Slave Lake Physiotherapy is located in the former SAAN store building, between TA’s Asian Grill and the Great Canadian Liquor Store, on 2nd Ave. NW in Slave Lake.

Getting back to the newest member on the staff, Kumar says he grew up and got his initial degree in the health care field in Chandigarh, in the Indian state of Punjab. He followed that up with health care administration studies at Conestoga College in Ontario.

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