New gymnastics head coach

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The new Slave Lake Gymnastic Association head coach has a familiar name, but isn’t related to the local Campbells.

“I just moved from Nova Scotia,” says Abby Campbell. “My Campbells are from Cape Breton Island.”

Campbell grew up in Halifax, but spent summers on Cape Breton Island. She worked at a golf course there. She also went to a small town for university.

She moved to Slave Lake because her boyfriend got a job here.

Asked how she likes Slave Lake she says, “It’s been good. I was expecting it to be smaller than it is.”

Campbell enjoys walks and runs and is a member of a local gym.

“I have a human kinetics degree, so I’m super into sports,” says Campbell.

Campbell played basketball and soccer, but is relatively new to gymnastics.

“I’ve only really taught gymnastics at my university,” she says.

That was for one year.

Campbell graduated with her undergraduate degree in April. The course was for people interested in doing a teaching degree. In Nova Scotia, teachers do an undergraduate degree followed by an after degree. She plans to do a teaching degree next year, likely at the University of Alberta.

“It’s been fun,” says Campbell, about coaching gymnastics in Slave Lake. “It’s been great to meet all these new people, because I wouldn’t otherwise.”

This fall, Slave Lake Gymnastics has around 120 athletes. It is offering mini gymnastics and ninja, parented gymnastics and ninja, gymnastics competitive, all star cheer, and seniors class. Classes have started but registration is still open.

Stretchy Seniors is free. It is Mondays from 1 to 2 p.m.

“We have a lot of fun at that class,” says Campbell.

People can register for this and other classes by contacting Campbell at 902-482-1109 or

Abby Campbell

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