New hall going up at Spruce Point Park

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Spruce Point Park Association has a brand new rec facility going up next to its rodeo grounds. It will be primarily an arena for equine activities, with a kitchen and meeting space, but will be available for all sorts of other uses.

Association board member Mike Skrynyk gave us a tour of the impressive structure last week, which went up from nothing in the past two or three months, thanks to the participation of various parties.

Donated labour from community members played a big part, Skrynyk says. So did significant contributions from the builder, Integrity Post Structures from Okotoks (“They gave us a heck of a deal.”), and Vanderwell Contractors, which donated a lot of lumber. Not to mention the Government of Alberta, which kicked in $243,000! The association contributed $200,000 of its own, and matched the remaining 43 grand by donations in kind from the community, Skrynyk says. More than matched, in fact: the value of donated equipment and materials is now up past $70,000.

The building is 100 feet wide by 220 feet long, with a 20-foot ceiling. The entry area and kitchen is a 20’ by 74’ space, with a 20’ by 68’ mezzanine area upstairs, with a nice view of the arena.

There’s a lot of work to be done on the facility still, but Skrynyk says the equine people are hoping to start using it this winter. He figures it will see lots of use in the colder months generally, with so many horse enthusiasts in the area, including Slave Lake. The arena will be insulated and “moderately” heated, Skrynyk says.

It’s big and it should be available for use for horse activities later this winter.
Mike Skrynyk of the Spruce Point Park Association in the space that will be the lobby and kitchen of the new facility.

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