New man at the swimming pool

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Just in from Saskatchewan is Graeme Donn, the new (temporary) aquatics supervisor at the Northern Lights Aquatic Centre in Slave Lake. Donn took the job for a year, covering for a maternity leave for the normal manager.
And how’s it going so far?
“Pretty well,” says Donn. “I’ve had to learn the new system. And the pool hasn’t been behaving. There are little finicky things, but we’ve been keeping things in the proper range.”
‘Things,’ in this case are the chemicals, which have to be balanced. The Leader actually found Donn in the basement of the facility, doing tests on the water.
Donn started on Oct. 10, the same day the pool re-opened after its annual maintenance shut-down. He came west from a parks and rec-type of job in Saskatchewan, which was his first out of university. The position in Slave Lake appealed to him for various reasons – one being his background in aquatics.
“I’ve always been intending to get back into it,” he says.
Donn looks after a staff of 15 at the pool, ready to back them up in a teaching or lifeguarding capacity should he have to.
“We’re all certified,” he says.
Born in Vancouver and raised there and in Nanaimo, Donn says his goal is to “get back to B.C.” In the meantime, he’s enjoying his time here and is impressed by the community. Outside of work, he says he enjoys drop-in hockey, skiing and fishing.

Pool manager Graeme Donn, doing some testing


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