New RCMP constable finds Slave Lake a good place to work

Gord Fortin
Lakeside Leader

There some new faces at the Slave Lake RCMP detachment and Cst. Sarah Spaans is one of them.
Spaans started at at the detachment at the beginning of November of 2017. She arrived in town with her husband who is Staff Sgt. John Spaans. This is the first posting where the couple has been able to work in the same office.
Cst. Spaans says her experience in town has been positive. There are a lot of services in town, a lot of recreation opportunities and a lot of stores. She appreciates this as she doesn’t have to go to the city for amenities and there are services for her children.
“Slave Lake has been a good community to live in thus far,” she says.
Spaans is no stranger to town. She lived here prior to her career as a police officer. She was an EMT paramedic at the time. It was this previous knowledge of the area that attracted her back to town. When she got back, she could tell that Slave Lake has grown in the past nine years.
“I’ve been excited by Slave Lake so far,” she says. “I’ve enjoyed the people, the other members I work with and the community as a whole has been very receptive to us.”
Spaans explains that the transition from EMT to the police was smoother because of similarities between the two jobs. The shift work is the same and you still serve the community, just in a different way.I’ve very much enjoyed it since I switched over,” she said.
Spaans decided to make the switch because she always wanted to serve the community and was interested in policing. Her paternal grand-father worked for the RCMP after the Second World War.
“That was always an interest to me,” she says.
Spaans also chose the RCMP because of the diverse nature of the communities she ha served. She enjoys the opportunity of being able to move to a new community every couple of years.
Spaans graduated from the RCMP Depot, in Regina, Sask., back in June 2009. Depot Division is the basic training for RCMP officers. Depot lasts six months and graduated get a posting afterward. She was sent to the Desmarais, where she would stay for two years.
Spaans’ next station would be in Elk Point in June 2011 where she would stay for two years. This post meant she would be in the same town as her husband and that trend would continue. Although they were both in the same area, they were not stationed in the same building.
From there Spaans would go to Boyle in 2013. She would stay there for four and a half years until the move to Slave Lake. She worked in the traffic unit.
Spaans says that Slave Lake has a bigger population than some of the other towns she served in. This has meant she is dealing with more complaints.

Const. Sarah Spaans

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