New spray park this year for SE Slave Lake

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake town council voted last week to award the contract for a new spray (or ‘splash’) park at Hilda Eben Park to a company called Playquest Recreation, for the price of around $500,000. Water and sewer connections are not part of the contract and will cost the town an estimated $50,000 more.

The town received only two bids on the project, the other being from GLV Travellers Inc.

Completion is expected by the end of September.

A second, related item up for council’s consideration was a washroom facility for Hilda Eben Park – probably in anticipation of the need for it once the new spray park is in use. The proposed unit is in a shipping container – self-contained, but with the possibility of being hooked up to town water and sewer. It would cost the town $37,500. The wood-paneled version would run about $4,000 more.

Cleaning the facility at the rate of once per day would add another $2,700 to the cost.

Council accepted the report as information – in effect making no decision on it.

An example of the type of splash park features proposed by the contractor, as it appeared in the town council agenda package last week.

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