New travel vaccine record and children’s vaccinations started

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For Albertans who intend to travel, there is an updated COVID-19 vaccine record with a QR code, says an Alberta government news release. This is used for travel within Canada and abroad.

However, Albertans who don’t intend to travel, do not need to replace their COVID record as long as it has a QR code, adds the release.

For people vaccinated in Canada, vaccine records with a QR code are the only ones accepted for the Restriction Exemption Program (REP). People vaccinated outside of Canada can use their out-of-country vaccine record and valid ID.
The REP requires businesses to check the vaccine record of people 18 and older against their ID.

In other vaccine news, children aged five to 11 were able to start getting vaccinated against COVID-19 on Nov. 24.

A November 23rd government of Alberta news release says, “The doses are being distributed to 120 Alberta Health Services vaccination clinics across the province and four pharmacies in communities where AHS clinics are not nearby.”

Vaccine appointments are booked on or by calling 811.

No matter what their vaccination status is, children under 12 years can still use businesses which use the REP.

As of November 23 in Alberta, “For children aged five to 11, there have been about 30,700 cases of COVID-19 diagnosed since March of 2020, with 78 of those cases ending up in hospital and 20 in intensive care.”

The provincial government is also offering free 45-minute online REP training for businesses using the REP program.

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